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Publications list, by Pedro Jordano

A complete list of all my publications. The abstracts of main publications can be accessed by clicking the abstract... buttons below;  buttons access the pdf files.
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Ongoing manuscripts
  in rev. Rodríguez-Rodríguez, M.C., Jordano, P., and Valido, A. 2012. Components of pollination effectiveness and their consequences in insular pollinator assemblages. In rev., March 2012.
  in prep. Jordano, P. 2012. Fruits and frugivory. In: Gallagher, R.S. (ed.). Seeds: the ecology of regeneration of plant communities. 3rd edition. CABI, Wallingford, UK. July 2012.
  in rev. Bascompte, J. and Jordano, P. 2012. Mutualistic networks. Monographs in Population Biology Series. Princeton University Press, Princeton, USA. September 2012.
  in prep. M. Hagen, W.D. Kissling, C. Rasmussen, M.A.M. De Aguiar, L. Brown, D.W. Carstensen, I. Alves-Dos-Santos, Y.L. Dupont, F.K. Edwards, J. Genini, P.R. Guimarães Jr., G.B. Jenkins, P. Jordano, C.N. Kaiser-Bunbury, M. Ledger, K.P. Maia, F.M. Darcie Marquitti, Ó. Mclaughlin, L.P.C. Morellato, E.J. O’gorman, K. Trøjelsgaard, J.M. Tylianakis, M.M. Vidal, G. Woodward and J.M. Olesen. 2012. Ecological networks in a fragmented world. In press, April 2012.
  in rev. J.S. Markl, M. Schleuning, P.M. Forget, P. Jordano, J.E. Lambert, A. Traveset, SJ. Wright, and K. Böhning-Gaese. 2012. The impact of human disturbance on seed dispersal by animals: a review of evidence. In 2nd rev., April 2012.
  in rev.
Rother, D., Pizo, M.A., Rodrigues, R.R., and Jordano, P. 2012. Demographic bottlenecks in tropical plant regeneration: a comparative analysis of causal inferences. In rev. March 2012.
  in prep.
Jordano, P. and Hampe, A. 2011. Plant dispersal: bridging the long and short of it. In prep. October 2011.
in prep.
Jordano, P., and J. Bascompte. 2011. Ecological correlates of interaction in complex plant-animal mutualistic networks. In prep., December 2011.
in prep.
Jordano, P. and Godoy, J.A. 2011. Extending the seed shadow: long-distance dispersal of tree seeds by frugivorous vertebrates. In prep., December 2011.
118 new

Jordano, P. 2012. AFTERWORD to:
Manipulation of plant phenotypes by insects and insect-borne pathogens. By M.C. Mescher, in:"Host Manipulation by Parasites", ed D.P. Hughes, J. Brodeur and F. Thomas. Oxford University Press.
Preview here.

117 new


capibaraSazima, C., Jordano, P., Guimarães Jr., P.R., dos Reis, S.F., and Sazima, I. 2012. Cleaning associations between birds and herbivorous mammals in Brazil: structure and complexity. Auk 129: 36−43.
doi: 10.1525/auk.2011.11144

116 new


Forget, P.M., Jordano, P., Lambert, J.E., Böhning-Gaese, K., Traveset, A., and Wright, S.J. 2011. Frugivores and seed dispersal (1985–2010); the "seeds" dispersed, established and matured. Acta Oecologica 37: 517–52.
This is the preface to the AO special volume of the 5th International Symposium-Workshop on Frugivores and Seed Dispersal (1985-2010), Montpellier, France.
115 smpdf
Valido, A., Rodríguez-Rodríguez, M.C., and Jordano, P. (2011). Interacciones entre plantas y polinizadores en el Parque Nacional del Teide: consecuencias ecológicas de la introducción masiva de la abeja doméstica (Apis mellifera, Apidae). Pp.: 205-231 in MMARM (ed.). Proyectos de investigacion en Parques Nacionales. MARM, Madrid.
114 smpdf

Schupp, E.W. and Jordano, P. 2011.The full path of Janzen-Connell effects: genetic tracking of seeds to adult plant recruitment. Molecular Ecology 20: 3953-3955. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-294X.2011.05202.x

113 smpdf

Guimarães Jr., P., Jordano, P. and Thompson, J.N. 2011. Evolution and coevolution in mutualistic networks. Ecology Letters 14: 877-885.
doi: 10.1111/j.1461-0248.2011.01649.x

A commentary in Science Editor's Choice section (Sept 2, 2011; vol. 333: 1201) is here.

112 smpdf

Mello, M.A.R., Marquitti, F.M.D., Guimarães Jr., P.R., Kalko, E.K.V., Jordano, P. and Aguiar, M.A.M. 2011. The modularity of seed dispersal: differences iin structure and robustness between bat- and bird-fruit interaction networks. Oecologia 167: 131-140.
doi: 10.1007/s00442-011-1984-2

111 smpdf

Jordano, P., Forget, P.M., Lambert, J.E., Böhning-Gaese, K., Traveset, A., and Wright, S.J. 2011. Frugivores and seed dispersal: mechanisms and consequences for biodiversity of a key ecological interaction. Biology Letters 7: 321-323.

This is a meeting report of the 5th International Symposium-Workshop on Frugivores and Seed Dispersal (1985-2010) in Montpellier, France.

110 smpdf

JEB_colorsValido, A., Schaefer, H.M. and Jordano, P. 2011.Colour, design, and reward: phenotypic integration of fleshy fruit displays. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 24: 751-760.
doi: 10.1111/j.1420-9101.2010.02206.x

109 smpdf
Mello, M.A.R., Marquitti, F.M.D., Guimarães Jr., P.R., Kalko, E.K.V., Jordano, P. and Aguiar, M.A.M. 2011. The missing part of seed dispersal networks: structure and robustness of bat-fruit interactions. PLoS One 6(2): e17395.

108 smpdf
forbidden linksOlesen, J.M., Bascompte, J., Dupont, Y.L., Elberling, H. and Jordano, P. 2011. Missing and forbidden links in mutualistic networks. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B-Biological Sciences, 278: 725-732.
doi: 10.1098/rspb.2010.1371.
107 smpdf


BombyliusGómez, J.M., Jordano, P. and Perfectti, F. 2011.The functional consequences of mutualistic network architecture. PLoS One,6(1): e16143. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0016143.

106 new

Rodríguez-Sánchez, F., Hampe, A., Jordano, P. and Arroyo, J. 2010. Past tree range dynamics in the Iberian Peninsula inferred through phylogeography and palaeodistribution modelling: A review. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 162: 507-521. doi:10.1016/j.revpalbo.2010.03.008

105 smpdf

Jordano, P. and Galetti, M. 2010. Curso Latino Americano de frugivoría y dispersión de semillas. Ecosistemas 19 (3): 89-93. Septiembre 2010.
Brief presentation and overview of the 2010 field course.

104 smpdf

Verdú, M., Jordano, P. and Valiente-Banuet, A. 2010.The phylogenetic structure of plant facilitation networks changes with competition. Journal of Ecology 98: 1454–1461.
103 smpdf


dispersalJordano, P. 2010. Pollen, seeds, and genes: the movement ecology of plants. Heredity 105: 329-330.This is a comment on Richard Ennos' 1994 paper in Heredity: [Ennos RA (1994). Estimating the relative rates of pollen and seed migration among plant populations. Heredity 72: 250–259.]

102 smpdf

Bascompte, J., Aizen, M., Fontaine, C., Fortuna, M.A., Jordano, P., Lewinsohn, T.M., Memmott, J., Olesen, J.M., Petanidou, T., Rico-Gray, V., and Thompson, J.N. 2010. Symposium 6: Mutualistic netoworks. Reports from the ESA Annual Meeting. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, July 2010: 367-370.

101 smpdf
Fortuna, M.A., Stouffer, D.B., Olesen, J.M., Jordano, P., Mouillot, D., Krasnov, B.R., Poulin, R., and Bascompte, J. 2010. Nestedness versus modularity in ecological networks: two sides of the same coin?. Journal of Animal Ecology 79: 811-817.
100 smpdf

Schupp, E. W., Jordano, P. and Gómez, J.M. 2010. Seed dispersal effectiveness revisited: a conceptual review. New Phytologist 188: 333-353.
This is a Tansley Review for New Phytologist.
99 smpdf

Arroyo, J.M., Rigueiro, C., Rodríguez, R., Hampe, A., Valido, A., Rodríguez-Sánchez, F. and Jordano, P. 2010. Isolation and characterization of 20 microsatellite loci for laurel species (gen. Laurus, Lauraceae). American Journal of Botany [AJB Primer Notes & Protocols]: e26-e30. doi:10.3732/ajb.1000069




Jordano, P. 2010. Coevolution in multi-specific interactions among free-living species. Evolution: Education and Outreach 3: 40-46.
[EEOu Special issue on Coevolution]
97 smpdf

Prunus dispersalDíaz-Castelazo, C., Guimarães Jr., P.R., Jordano, P., Thompson, J.N., Marquis, R.J. and Rico-Gray, V. 2010. Changes of a mutualistic network over time: reanalysis over a 10-year period. Ecology 91: 793-801.

Photo: Cecilia Diaz-Castelazo. Camponotus planatus on Crotalaria extrafloral nectary.

96 smpdf Jordano, P., D. Vázquez y J. Bascompte. 2009. Redes complejas de interacciones planta-animal. En: Medel, R., Aizen, M., Zamora, R.(eds). Ecología y evolución de las interacciones planta-animal: conceptos y aplicaciones. Editorial Universitaria, Santiago, Chile. Págs.: 17-41.


Prunus dispersalGarcía, C., P. Jordano, J.M. Arroyo and J.A. Godoy. 2009. Maternal genetic correlations in the seed rain: effects of frugivore activity in heterogeneous landscapes. Journal of Ecology 97: 1424–1435.

doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2745.2009.01577.x
94 smpdf
Rigueiro, C., Arroyo, J.M., Valido, A. and Jordano, P. 2009. Isolation and characterization of 13 microsatellite loci for Neochamaelea pulverulenta (Cneoraceae). Molecular Ecology Resources 9: 1497-1500.
doi: 10.1111/j.1755-0998.2009.02701.x
93 smpdf
García, C., Godoy, J.A., and Jordano, P. 2009. On gene dispersal studies in complex landscapes: a reply to the comment on García et al. (2005, 2007). Molecular Ecology 18, 4536–4540.
92 smpdf
Arroyo, J.M., Rodríguez, R., Rigueiro, C., Hampe, A. and Jordano, P. 2009. Isolation and characterization of 12 microsatellite loci for Rhamnus alaternus (Rhamnaceae). Molecular Ecology Resources 9: 1216-1218.
doi: 10.1111/j.1755-0998.2009.02657.x


Carnicer, J., Jordano, P., and Melián, C. 2009. The temporal dynamics of resource use by frugivorous birds: a network approach. Ecology 90: 1958-1970.
doi: 10.1890/07-1939.1.

Faculty1000 Comment in Faculty1000.

90 smpdf
Rigueiro, C., Arroyo, J.M., Rodríguez, R., Hampe, A. and Jordano, P. 2009. Isolation and characterization of 16 polymorphic microsatellite loci for Frangula alnus (Rhamnaceae). Molecular Ecology Resources 9: 986-989.
doi: 10.1111/j.1755-0998.2009.02527.x
89 smpdf

Melián, C.J., Bascompte, J., Jordano, P. and Krivan, V. 2009. Diversity in a complex ecological network with two interaction types. Oikos 118: 122-130.
doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0706.2008.16751.x

88 smpdf
Krishna, A., Guimarães Jr., P.R., Jordano, P. and Bascompte, J. 2008. A neutral-niche theory of mutualistic networks. Oikos, 117: 1609-1618.


Zackanberg flowersOlesen, J.M., Bascompte, J., Elberling, H., and Jordano, P. 2008. Temporal dynamics in a pollination network. Ecology 89: 1573-1582.

86 smpdf
Bascompte, J. y Jordano, P. 2008. Redes mutualistas de especies. Investigación y Ciencia. September issue.


Carnicer, J., Abrams, P., and Jordano, P. 2008. Switching behavior, coexistence and diversification: contrasting empirical community-wide evidence with theoretical predictions. Ecology Letters 11: 802-808.
84 abstract...

Hampe, A., García-Castaño, J.L., Schupp, E.W., and Jordano, P. 2008. Initial recruitment of vertebrate-dispersed woody plants: a spatially explicit analysis across years. Journal of Ecology, 96: 668-678.
83 abstract...

Almeida-Neto, M., Campassi, F., Galetti, M., Jordano, P. and Oliveira-Filho, A. 2008. Large-scale patterns of vertebrate dispersed fruits along the Atlantic Rain Forest. Global Ecology and Biogeography 17: 503-513.

82 abstract...

bigfruitsbigfruits2Guimarães Jr, P., Galetti, M. and Jordano, P. 2008. Seed dispersal anachronisms: rethinking the fruits extinct megafauna ate. PLOS One, 3(3): e1745.


81 abstract...
Olesen, J.M., Bascompte, J., Dupont, Y., and Jordano, P. 2007. The modularity of pollination networks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 104: 19891-19896.
80 abstract...
Guimarães Jr., P. R., G. Machado, M.A.M. de Aguiar, P. Jordano, J. Bascompte, A. Pinheiro, S. F. dos Reis. 2007. Build-up mechanisms determining the topology of mutualistic networks. Journal of Theoretical Biology 249: 181-189.
79 smpdf
Carnicer, J., Brotons, Ll., Sol, D., Jordano, P. 2007. Community based processes behind species richness gradients: contrasting abundance-extinction dynamics and sampling effects in low- and high productivity areas. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 16: 709–719.
78 smpdf
Rezende E., Jordano P., y Bascompte J. 2007. Effects of phenotypic complementarity and phylogeny on the nested structure of mutualistic networks. Oikos 116: 1919-1929.
77 smpdf
Bascompte, J. and P. Jordano. 2007. The structure of plant-animal mutualistic networks: the architecture of biodiversity. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, 38: 567-593.
76 smpdf
Donatti, C.I., Galetti, M., Pizo, M.A., Guimarães Jr., P.R., and Jordano, P. 2007. Living in the land of ghosts: Fruit traits and the importance of large mammals as seed dispersers in the Pantanal, Brazil. Pages 104-123 in: Dennis, A., Green, R., Schupp, E.W., and Wescott, D. (eds.). Frugivory and seed dispersal: theory and applications in a changing world. Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau International, Wallingford, UK.

A sample of chapter (including the book table of contents) is here.
75 smpdf
Godínez, H. and Jordano, P. 2007. Seed dispersal by frugivores: An empirical approach to analyze their demographic consequences. Pages 391-406 in: Dennis, A., Green, R., Schupp, E.W., and Wescott, D. (eds.). Frugivory and seed dispersal: theory and applications in a changing world. Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau International, Wallingford, UK.

A sample of chapter (including the book table of contents) is here.
74 smpdf
Jordano, P. 2007. Frugivores, seeds and genes: analysing the key elements of seed shadows. Pages 229-251 in: Dennis, A., Green, R., Schupp, E.W., and Wescott, D. (eds.). Frugivory and seed dispersal: theory and applications in a changing world. Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau International, Wallingford, UK.

A sample of chapter (including the book table of contents) is here.
73 abstract...

Rezende, E., Lavabre, J., Guimarães Jr., P.R., Jordano, P. and Bascompte, J. 2007. Non-random coextinctions in phylogenetically structured mutualistic networks. Nature 448: 925-928.
Supplementary material is here: smpdf and here (.xls file). The acompanying comment in 'News and Views' section is here.



García, C., P. Jordano and J.A. Godoy. 2007. Contemporary pollen and seed dispersal in a Prunus mahaleb population: patterns in distance and direction. Molecular Ecology, 16: 1947-1955.
71 smpdf
Sagnard, F., C. Pichot, P. Dreyfus, P. Jordano, and B. Fady. 2007. Modelling seed dispersal to predict seedling recruitment: recolonization dynamics in a plantation forest. Ecological Modelling, 203: 464-474.


Duminil, J., Fineschi, S., Hampe, A., Jordano, P., Salvini, D., Vendramin, G.G., and Petit, R.J. 2007. Can plant population genetic structure be predicted from life history traits? American Naturalist 169: 662-672.



Jordano, P., C. García, J.A. Godoy, and J.L. García-Castaño. 2007. Differential contribution of frugivores to complex seed dispersal patterns. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences USA, 104: 3278-3282.

The acompanying comment in 'Perspectives in Science' section of Science journal is here. The commentary in Science Editor's Choice is here.
A comment appeared in Current Biology is here.



Bascompte, J., Jordano, P., and J.M. Olesen. 2006. Response to Comment on ‘‘Asymmetric Coevolutionary Networks Facilitate Biodiversity Maintenance’’. Science 313: 1887c.

The acompanying technical comment by Holland et al. is here.
The pdf file includes Supplementary Material.


García-Castaño, J.L., Jordano, P. and Kollmann, J. 2006. Spatial variation of post-dispersal seed removal by rodents in highland microhabitats of Spain and Switzerland. Seed Science Research, 16: 213-222.
66 smpdf
Jordano, P., M. Galetti, M.A. Pizo, and W.R. Silva. 2006. Ligando frugivoria e dispersão de sementes à biologia da conservação. Pages 411-436, In:Duarte, C.F., Bergallo, H.G., Dos Santos, M.A., and Va, A.E. (eds.). Biologia da conservação: essências. Editorial Rima, São Paulo, Brasil.


Olesen, J.M., Bascompte, J., Dupont, Y., and Jordano, P. 2006. The smallest of all worlds: pollination networks. Journal of Theoretical Biology 240: 270-276.
64 smallpdf

Galetti, M., Donatti, C.I., Pires, A., Guimarães Jr, P.R. and Jordano, P. 2006. Seed survival and dispersal of an endemic Atlantic forest palm: the combined effects of defaunation and forest fragmentation. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 151: 141-149.




strengthBascompte, J., Jordano, P., and J.M. Olesen. 2006. Asymmetric coevolutionary networks facilitate biodiversity maintenance. Science 312: 431-433.
The pdf file includes Supplementary Material.

The acompanying comment by John N. Thompson in 'Perspectives in Science' is here.
faculty1000 Comment in Faculty1000.



Bascompte, J. and Jordano, P. 2006. The structure of plant-animal mutualistic networks. In: Pascual, M. and Dunne, J. (eds.). Ecological networks. Linking structure to dynamics in food webs. Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity. Oxford University Press, Oxford, US. Pages: 143-159.


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60 smallpdf

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50 abstract...

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Note: also available in: Vegetatio 107/108 (1993).

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Note: The 2nd edition of this book has been published in 2000.
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