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An outline of scientific activities, extracted from my CV. You can also have a complete list of all my publications , and abstracts of main papers. A weblog with updated news about our research in the Integrative Ecology Group is maintained here.

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Pedro Jordano
Estación Biológica de Doñana , CSIC
Pab. Perú, Avda. M. Luisa S/N
E-41013 Sevilla, Spain

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Brief account of scientific objectives

The funny thing with this approach is that it combines several ways to analyze complex biological questions about the evolution of ecological systems. The study of plant-animal interactions is fascinating per se because of the broad perspective it offers to people like me who are basically naturalists: you need to consider with similar emphasis both the plant's and animal's perspective and this is most stimulating intelectually.


Main research lines

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Ongoing scientific projects

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Together with Jordi Bascompte and José A. Godoy, I am involved in the new Integrative Ecology Group at the Estación Biológica de Doñana , CSIC . The group was launched in May 2002 to combine our favorite approaches to study ecological systems: ecological, evolutionary, and theoretical studies.

Study organisms

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